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School Bus Puzzle Game


"School bus puzzle" is a simple game for kids, preschoolers, children, student, teenage, youth, adult, women and men.This game challenges the ability of the players to solve the problem in a simulated event to help slide the cars and the trucks to go forward or backward for moving the school bus to the exit. During the game, you may not get the stress because each level can play for unlimited period.But if you can succeed in less, you will get 3 stars and if you take a very long time, you may get only 1 star.At the main menu, you can start to play by moving the red school bus, which was parked on the left to the exit.At the level selection menu, you can choose the current level or some level which have already been achieved.In each Level of the game, players have the mission to move the vehicles forward or backwards to clear the path for the school bus to exit. If you can complete the mission success then tap the button which on bottom right in order to play the next level.This game allows the player to to practice as planned in order to solve problems. Find the solution of the problem.When playing this game to many levels may then make a player has caused some thoughts, such asFor every problem there is a solution to correct.Steps to solve the problem may have to get cooperation from all relevant sectors.Some may must back apiece step, two steps, to solve the problem successfully, but if no one back, it may not be able to solve the problem.Let's play happily.